Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Psyco Vampire Elf with mind control

J wakes up forst freaks out and bangs head very happy to be able to take a crap

Gurn does first aid on Louis who is still red and swollen from his swim everyone gets some cloths, VERY touristy

go to hotel everyone spots a pair of undercover copy in an unmarked car J walk by and distracts them, armed with a ducky umbrella throws voice into back seat scaring the jesus out of them

G and L run to the hotel room Gurn bumps into a plains cloths cop coming into their hotel room attachs him with Louis another cop in bathroom tangled mess of arms, legs and flesh ensure in a small area cops rendered unconsious grab their stuff and run

at the car J tries to convince cops he is robs they attempt to arrest him for being with ID j runs for, throwing voice and causing cop to fire shotgun behind himself

group meaks at car, goes to rental agency gurn phone Brigit asking about the possibility to ship some munitions brigitte asks about “Crazy blood sucking vampire elf in seattle at the boat show” gurn knocks Jimmy out, L drivers Brigitte recommends bus

part way through the bus trip the bus lurches to a halt with the rear axle rolling downhill group of Tir Tarnigire rangers demand all valuable and for human passengers to go to the ditch 1 ranger recognizes jimmy from artist renditions of “vampire” total groupy cuts off end of ears to look like him gives jimmy satchle to throw into bus jimmy does, napalm is wonderful Scout is even more impressed then he was before (if that was possible) they drive group all the way to border party decides to leave before border skirmish errupts get racist ass cabbie

tweeter sets up meeting with Mr. Johnson Axer shows up with group waiting, Leif wants to talk to L go to Rasputins, paid 30k in script

J goes on date with brigitte b not fooled by his apperance but can see some of the similarities impressed he did not try to get into her pants barley able to stand she heads back to base to inventory the munitions

L goes to Leif large party/gathering everyone is shirtless, staggering amount of hair, tattos and flesh in the crowd Leif wants L to fight in the non-cybered fight club devision L agrees branded with hot axe, decides to poor alchohol on it


Denis abuckley

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