Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Blasts from their pasts

J gets home, very late William calls, says someone there to see him, “ricky” says entire staff will wait for him j show up, som japanese fellows waiting guy waiting is the one who originally fleeced Js investment status J shown fottage of gambling establishment with someone shooting arrows at “his associates” says may have work for him give him small puppy as compensation, pure bred Bisthon

L hangs out at party for a while surpriing small amount of alchohol and drugs are actually consumed leif advs him to go to gym and get teeth imprints takes cab home see’s his old gang hanging around his area, they don’t recognize him wakes up next day, alchohol on burn was a bad idea

gurn going for stroll see’s doc wagon copter fly over, tries to look unobtrusive ambulance comes down street gets shot behind ear by tranc dart wakes up naked in a chair with a wicker base old Leutenant standing before him, massive facial reconstruction and ceramics were needed entire squad has been assigned to vancouver due to death of subscriber no one important here, so lots of spare time they leave someone walks in, gurn recognizes as fellow who tried to buy drugs that shouldn’t have undercover cop asks gurn if ever seen movie “Quantum of Solace” gurn not into classics chair tipped and thick elastic bands produced, bottom of chair cut out cop explains how he will soon be asked to meet Ivans boss, Bill cop explains that when that happens, he will call cop who will give him equipment then leaves takes gurn 1.5 horus to free himself

group meets up for lunch everyone mention how they met old “friends” last night brigitte calls gurn asks if him and firends can go to lunch they go, intriduces a Mr. Johnson and leaves apparently Mr.Johnson has id’d the group responsible for recent UCAS assasination close to YVR summit meeting will soon be held in vancouver with the Tir and leader of their Ghost Wing squad 60k to kill him or provide near death experience gurn gives bridgette lisc plate and street details for J gurn calls Jennifer, gets media passes and itinerary

group decided too implicate L’s old gang in the attack J recruits 4 innocent youths into the “Maintreet Mafia’ gurn trains them to use pistols get them tattooed and geared. J gets some ceramic pistols and bullets

Psyco Vampire Elf with mind control

J wakes up forst freaks out and bangs head very happy to be able to take a crap

Gurn does first aid on Louis who is still red and swollen from his swim everyone gets some cloths, VERY touristy

go to hotel everyone spots a pair of undercover copy in an unmarked car J walk by and distracts them, armed with a ducky umbrella throws voice into back seat scaring the jesus out of them

G and L run to the hotel room Gurn bumps into a plains cloths cop coming into their hotel room attachs him with Louis another cop in bathroom tangled mess of arms, legs and flesh ensure in a small area cops rendered unconsious grab their stuff and run

at the car J tries to convince cops he is robs they attempt to arrest him for being with ID j runs for, throwing voice and causing cop to fire shotgun behind himself

group meaks at car, goes to rental agency gurn phone Brigit asking about the possibility to ship some munitions brigitte asks about “Crazy blood sucking vampire elf in seattle at the boat show” gurn knocks Jimmy out, L drivers Brigitte recommends bus

part way through the bus trip the bus lurches to a halt with the rear axle rolling downhill group of Tir Tarnigire rangers demand all valuable and for human passengers to go to the ditch 1 ranger recognizes jimmy from artist renditions of “vampire” total groupy cuts off end of ears to look like him gives jimmy satchle to throw into bus jimmy does, napalm is wonderful Scout is even more impressed then he was before (if that was possible) they drive group all the way to border party decides to leave before border skirmish errupts get racist ass cabbie

tweeter sets up meeting with Mr. Johnson Axer shows up with group waiting, Leif wants to talk to L go to Rasputins, paid 30k in script

J goes on date with brigitte b not fooled by his apperance but can see some of the similarities impressed he did not try to get into her pants barley able to stand she heads back to base to inventory the munitions

L goes to Leif large party/gathering everyone is shirtless, staggering amount of hair, tattos and flesh in the crowd Leif wants L to fight in the non-cybered fight club devision L agrees branded with hot axe, decides to poor alchohol on it

He's An Elf, Right?

Jimmy and Tweeter arrange a meeting as Tweeter has interesting work for the group at large. This arrangement is a bit difficult due to the previously evening’s festivities. While contacting Gurn isn’t difficult, Louis...

Is struggling with the morning. Waking up in a strange place is one thing, but looking like he went three rounds with a bus (cracked tooth, black-eye, gouged knuckes, cracked ribs and scrapes all over his back) is completely different. On the plus side, Olga is quite lovely and helps 3Fingers to get clean… shaving turns out not to be an option though.
While trying to sort out the damage from the evening before, Olga fills him in. He is at the Siberian Axe club house, and Lewis has picked a fight with a fellow named Lief. Many of the Axe are very impressed with Lewis as Lief is about 30% metal and while Lewis lost badly he was very game. The clubhouse is quite welcoming and feeds Louis up nicely and Lief (who is missing a few teeth himself) gives Louis a ride to downtown on his Indian.

The group converges on the Ivanhoe to meet Tweeter. Jimmy is consoled by a bartender and a bouncer for an outburst of the night before, “I can’t poop!”. They are very understanding.
Tweeter arrives, resplendent in a scarlet and yellow cocktail dress that injures out protagonists’ par-broiled heads. Without much ado, Tweeter insists that they head to meet Mr. Johnson at a local restaurant, Rasputin.

As the only clients of the restaurant Mr. Johnson (a very Slavic gentleman) feeds everyone on a vast amount of; perogy, vodka, halapchi, vodka, borcht, vodka, fish, vodka and roast meat with vodka.
While softening up the team with calories and liquor, the contract is offered. Mr. Johnson’s boss’s wife would like to have one of Queen Mary’s (of Scots) necklaces. This necklace is presently on display on the Queen Mary III, which is visiting a classic boat show in Seattle. The agreed upon price is 5% of the appraised value with 10K UCAS up front.

The QM III was re-purposed about 50 years ago into a cultural event venue from a formal cruise ship. It is registered out of Amazonia displays many 100 tons with a beam greater than 350m and a 40m beam. It has maintained a standard shape although a formal museum is a fixed component and some of the cabin spaces have been re-fitted for event spaces.

Once Louis arranges for some useful ID (SINLess), the trip to Seattle via ferry is uneventful. Nor is the rental of a car. Well, the customs agent looks at the scan of Jimmy and recommends that he visit a doctor since his colon is very blocked up, in fact he gives Jimmy a contact to his cousin a well recognized Naturopath.
Since the timing worked well, a brief reconnaissance of the QMIII was undertaken. Jimmy made acquaintance of Mary the curator. They talked briefly about a set of classic English long bows on secondary display.

The next day they arrive at the QMIII to enjoy their restaurant breakfast. Jimmy meeting the maitre d’, swiftly bribes his way into the evenings black tie event. Mary diverts Jimmy from the herd and seduction happens (Mary is a lass who knows who she wants). During this time Jimmy gets some idea of the jewel’s security and that Mary will be a core component.
To prepare for the evening tuxedos are acquired (Lewis’ is purchased due to his size) and a Jimmy visits the naturopath. The Doctor, is immediately concerned for Jimmy’s welfare and helps sort out the problem. It seems that Jimmy’s present medication when used in excess can cause the GI tract to near paralyze. Relief for Jimmy doesn’t mean his work is over, he convinces the naturopath to give him some herbal remedies, wormwood. The receptionist practically rapes Jimmy while filling his prescription, leaving him wandering out stunned looking like he had been eating donuts.

A storm rises throughout the afternoon.

The group show up at the black-tie affair and present themselves as a wealthy gentleman (Jimmy) and his bodyguards (Lewis and Gurn). The security is laughable as the pat down lets them through without comment.
After a bit of party maneuvering, Mary (decked out in a lovely scarlet gown) swoops down to monopolize Jimmy. Jimmy repays the favour by dosing her with wormwood and alcohol. As Mary is suggesting that they repair to a more private place, a wave slaps across the deck. Gurn uses his coat and body to shield everyone from the spray. Which leaves him going to a washroom to clean up while everyone else goes to the display room.

As Mary starts to succumb to the wormwood and a bottle of whiskey Jimmy liberated, they trail up to the display room (catching a security guard along the way). Lewis and the guard are left out side of the display room (for privacy). Jimmy spikes the whiskey liberally with his wormwood concoction. Which backfires as he finds out that Mary feels he isn’t keeping up to her drinking and is only wearing a pair of heels.
Staggering, Jimmy looks with shock as Mary put on the necklace and proceeds to get very aggressive. Breaking a whiskey bottle and menacing a now hallucinating Jimmy.
Security, seeing this on their feeds, assumes something is afoot. Gurn is accosted by a shotgun wielding officer. After a brief tussle, Gurn manages to shoot out a fire alarm and the stand pipes filling the ship with water. Upstairs Lewis tangles at close range with the security guard, effectively using him as a meat shield from the other approaching guard, while Jimmy defends himself from Mary.
Rushing up the stairs Gurn fires at a security officer and manages to short out a power cable, killing the guard and stunning Gurn before the breakers crack. Gurn attempts to fire again and is knocked to the base of the stairs as his shotgun explodes. During this time, Lewis struggles yet succeeds in dispatching the pair of guards while Jimmy removes the necklace from the now weakly protesting Mary (it is worth mentioning the Jimmy is fighting through a lot of hallucinations).

As Jimmy leaves, Mary manages to find her carotid with the broken bottle. This coats Jimmy in a spray of blood and pushes him further into dementia.
3Fingers is forced to carry a heavily injured Gurn while guiding an increasingly strange Jimmy as the police and fire agencies are descending upon the Queen Mary. Surrounded, 3Fingers takes the only way out he can see and throws his partners 4 stories to the water below and then follows into the sea water.
While Jimmy can tread water, Gurn hit massively badly and is unable to manage. Lewis, while an excellent athlete, needs to struggle as anaphalactic shock sets in from his exposure to sea water. He manages to tow everyone onto a nearby wharf as his body goes crazy.

With Lewis shivering, sightless and having issue breathing; Gurn conscious but in staggering pain; Jimmy finds a first aid kit in a local wharf office. To which Gurn deals with Lewis’ shock and doses himself with enough stimulants to keep going.

As the only person with reasonable clothing, Jimmy forces himself to go and reclaim their car. However a concerned police officer bars his way (Jimmy is having a severe reality dysfunction), in a fugue Jimmy knifes him to death. With the car in hand, Jimmy picks up the rest of the team and gets the now unconscious Gurn and Lewis to a coffin hotel for the evening.

I Don't Remember Those Cans

At the end of the evening the drive home is interrupted by some police asking about their new ride (the Chrysler Samoan). Jimmy talks the officer down. After depositing people, he decides to dispose of the evidence using a gasoline. However the explosion and Jimmy are caught by an officer. The officer arrests Jimmy (well detains) as Jimmy’s SIN registers as insane. [[:Dr. LaDouceur]] is summoned at 03h00. Jimmy gets a serious talking to and eventually is convinced to cough upa work site visit.

Hurriedly, Jimmy convinces Tweeter to be his boss.
Tweeter, Dr. LaDouceur and Jimmy meet at a Starbucks where a suit clad Terrance explains Jimmy’s role as a courier and gives james a package to deliver.

Flushed with success, James drops off the package at Rasputin, where a volume of very scary men in suits are having breakfast. Amongst these was Ivan.

Earlier that day Louis had run into Ivan as well. At the Y (MCA), Ivan was found torturing a treadmill as he ‘vorked on his aerobics’. But that was a cover, he was really delivering a present to Louis, a rather nice hand made war hammer. With the comment that “sledge hammer is only for casual work, when in big leagues one must use better equipment”.

Gurn has arranged for a ‘date’, well really he needed to hook up with some firepower so he offered to take Captain Bridgette Majeure for dinner at Hy’s Steak House.
While going over business that slight elf knocked back a 52oz. Steak with trimmings beer and whiskey chasers. But in return for a pair of Colt SMGs Gurn was asked to use a rocket on the incoming deputy consul.
Gurn accepts hungrily. And quickly shoots a lead to his friend Jennifer Tanaka.

Gurn coerces 3Fingers to drive and with little ado blows up the new deputy consul’s limo with news coverage (and incidental terrorist rant provided by Jimmy… who did not volunteer)

That evening the group relaxes at the Ivanhoe. Of note, Jimmy is mocked by a member of the Siberian Axe who plants a beeper in in Jimmy’s tea saucer. In the end causing Jimmy to overdose on his anti-psychotics. During this time Louis has been drifting and fitting in with the Siberian Axe (eg. drinking way too much)

The next morning Louis wakes up next to a strange, voluptuous and most importantly, naked woman. with no idea how he got there.

A Night at the Lion's Den
You want me to what off a what?

Characters go to Lion’s Den (just off the river near Renfrew)
* Stray Bullet punched a hole in Gurn’s fuel tank. * Gurn Offers last Rites to motorcycle before putting it down At Lion’s Den they see the lights off and the staff watching as Tweeter seems to be begging and pleading with the owner to open up.
Character’s roll up and a brief talk with Monkey Man ensues
* MM asks if they have the stuff * Yes and a bonus there is a Little Big Boy in the trunk * Right… you pointing to Jimmy go help Tweeter sort out Mr. Wong, you guys deal with the trunk James goes to try and sort out what is happening with Tweeter.
* Mr. Wong has been told that ‘they’ will kill him if he opens up * Jimmy tries reasoning… doesn’t work * Jimmy tries working around the problem. Around this time 3Fingers and Gurn open the trunk
* there is some flailing around * the gangers SMG decomposes * Louis smashes open some of the Coke causing a cloud. Mr. Wong sees the cloud of white powder from the back of the Samoan and a brief discussion occurs where he will open up while Jimmy and he snort coke off a hooker’s ass (said croupier is NOT happy)
While trying to escape the Little Big Boy gets clothes lined, Louis drags him down the street to a dumpster while Monke and Gurn move product into the club.
By the time 3Fingers is back the club is open and there are people starting to show. Inside the club (a converted warehouse) tables of poker, blackjack and paigow are starting up. Upstairs, Jimmy is negotiating with Mr. Wong over the bare-ass of one of the employees. They come to an agreement without blowing out a septum. Monkey Man sets up in the bathroom and Tweeter starts working the crowd, with the team expected to protect their investment. Ivan has shown up and is losing majestically at poker.
One interesting event is noticed by Louis and Gurn (Gurn is in the overlook office as he is nursing injuries from earlier). A guy is working Jimmy and he is giving all sorts of bad vibes. When confronted he drops a flash bang and makes a run.

The big excitement occurs when one of the bouncers somes through the door with his guts sliced open. A pair of well dressed Asian gentlemen, one of whom is porting an assault-rifle come in and demand to see Mr.Wong so they can kill him. The fellow with the rifle spots Ivan and demands to know why he is here (answer, I am here to win money).
The gun totter pounds bullets into the observation office (at Wong and Gurn) and all hell breaks loose. Gurn replies by emptying out his clip at the gun totter who barely grabs cover under a table. The other fellow flashes across the room towards the stairs while Louis attempts to intercept. The patrons panic, some stampeding out the door, a small group use the large poker table as cover and others running to the bathroom (and back door). And James pops the gun totter with an explosive arrow, starting a fire and seriously wounding him.
Louis goes to smash the samurai with his hammer to find his sledge cut out under him. While the samurai follows up with a vicious slash that floors 3Fingers, Gurn finishes off the rifleman with another hail of bullets. The samurai shrugs off and arrow from Jimmy and charges giving Jimmy a vicious slash.
Ivan stands up (he sat down patiently through the entire few seconds of panic) pulls out a Predator and decapitates the samurai, then walks out.

Monkey Man and Tweeter live up to their bargain and pay out the team with a handsome bonus for Jimmy (actually less than his investment). And they go off to lick their wounds.

Meet the maniacs

Meet the Maniacs

Gurn Blanstin (The Washout)
James “Jimmy” Donnelley (The Lost)
Lewis “3 Fingers” Tarnasky (The up and comer)

I believe introductions are in order

The characters are approached individually by Tweeter or the Monkey Man and told to meet at the Ivanhoe for 8:30pm tonight. He has some work that he feels they are well suited for.

Upon arrival, Tweeter facilitates introductions, made a bit difficult due to Monkey Man cutting rails.

Easy as delivering Pizza

Tweeter explains that all he needs is a parcel pickup. At 10:30pm tonight a Chrysler Samoan will pull into the parking lot of the Samosa Hut at Nanaimo & Hastings. The parcel is in the truck. Monkey man interjects that the parcel is “packed with cocaine”. They are told to pick the parcel and deliver it to the Lion’s Den. Tweeter and Monkey Man will be preparing the sale. When asked if the current owners of the cocaine would be expecting to deliver it to the crew they are informed “Not so much”.

Around this time an alarm beeps on Jimmy’s wrist and he pops a pill. He informs the group that it is his anti-psychotic medication and his prescription demands it. Monkey man writes him a prescription for something. When asked to provide credentials he produces a business card showing him as a general practitioner.

Monkey Man asks Jimmy about his armament as he notices a distinct lack of weaponry. He produces a folding bow and shows Monkey Man. Monkey Man wishes to know if Jimmy is aware of what year it is as bows are quite passe.

At this point a large Troll biker of from the Siberian Axe comes over and drops his axe through the table. He is curious as to what Jimmy was doing pointong a bow at him and his Honey. Thinking quickly Jimmy throws his voice and indicated to the Axe that the large fellow in the corner is insulting the biker fellows regular enjoyment of underage livestock. The Troll thanks him for the information and proceeds to have a sharp, pointy and brutal conversation with the fellow, and his general vicinity.

It’s not a drive, it’s an adventure

3 Fingers and Jimmy drive to the Samosa hut in 3 Fingers vehicle. Calling it a car would be an overstatement as it is merely a loose collection of semi-mechanical parts with 4 wheels on the bottom, held together by god-knows-what (rust, blood?, will-of-the-gods, etc)

Jimmy is appalled to discover that the most electrically active component of the vehicle he has chosen to risk his life in, is the battery. The fuel economy is something that is rating in litres (of oil) as it blazes a trail of thick, horrible smoke and fumes along Kingsway. Thankfully they are not pulled over for any speeding tickets as the vehicles hits top speed at just over 40.

Gurn elects to take his Motorcycle, being sure to stay well upwind of the moving health hazard. At one point he slows down to point out to the occupants that the vehicle is actually on fire. 3 Fingers exclaims that it’s fine unless if the flames don’t catch them.

The delivery was COD, got $5?

They arrive at the Samosa hut a little after 9:30pm. There are a couple of individuals inside that 3 Fingers identifies as being from The Little Big Boys, an upstart gang. The group decides to go to the stuffer shack down the street and buys some Halloween masks, then they go to the Samosa hut for dinner. As they make their order they notice that the ganger’s are eyeing them up. 3 Fingers flexes his muscles and vocal cords. Gurn and 3 Fingers both tip the scales at being over 6’ tall and 200 to 260 lbs so the gang decides to move to the parking lot and vacate their table. The group sits down in the pre-warmed seats and enjoys their dinner.

At 10:30pm a Chrysler Samoan pulls into the parking lot. The gangers move to the trunk and a fellow gets out of the passenger side.

The group approaches. Gurn starts the action by letting a burst go from his sound suppressed SMG only to have the sound suppressor explosively disconnect in the process. 3 Fingers uses a sledge hammer to cause the driver to require dental reconstruction and Jimmy moves into the drivers seat. They then proceed to lower their masks.

3 Fingers and Gurn quickly work through the gangers (Gurn methodically firing into the crowd and Louis casually beating them). However the gangers begin to regroup, leveling a fierce blast into Gurn, until Jimmy neatly rams the Chrysler into the pack, leaving one locked in the trunk and rapping Gurn’s hand sending a bullet winging away into some nearby vehicle.

With the Little Big Boys generally handled, Jimmy burns off into the night hoping to make his escape.

Welcome to the Shadows

A Quick Prologue

Tweeter and the Monkey Man have managed to ring up a certain amount of debt, to parties that do not accept no for an answer, and require some help to raise funds.
  • Monkey Man sees Louis on a bender and decides that 3 Fingers or no he would be very helpful.
  • Gurn is once again at the Legion and complaining about his lot in life. Tweeter (also a vet, natch) offers to get Gurn a proper job if he shows up at the Ivanhoe this evening.
  • In a spirit of generosity to the mildly deranged (hey he hangs with Monkey Man) Tweeter offers Jinny a ham sandwich and a job.

Meeting at the Ivanhoe

20h30 and a table fills at the Ivanhoe,


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