Lewis (3 Finger)Tarnasky


Lewis was born to a pair of wealthy, drug addled socialites who felt that Lewis was a serious cramp in their style. They abandoned their dear baby in a dumpster behind a medical clinic.
The receptionist, Mom if you will, adopted Lewis and cared for him well. Until a terrible car accident occurred, Lewis and Mother were t-boned by an armoured get-a-way car. Lewis was orphaned, again.

Enter years of going from foster home to care home, rarely staying six months for various reasons. But still Lewis was left rootless and lost. At age 8, a mild difference of opinion spiraled out of control and kids from Lewis’ school jumped him and viciously beat him. His right hand was crushed, forcing the amputation of his pinky and ring fingers and his face was cut savagely; removing his right ear. With this impetus, Lewis turned out athletic, driven and somewhat sickly. By his early teens 3 Fingers (as he often was called) had understood that his illnesses were derived from an allergy to sea-water so his health improved.
He soon joined a gang and gang life invaded. With the Main Street Mafia, 3 Fingers learned to drink, to fight and to commit Juve-Crime. Barring a brief stay in a work camp (for SIN-less youth) 3 Fingers grew into significant and respected muscle in the teen gang scene.

This crashed to stop when the Main Street Mafia decided to step up the class of their crime and decided to hit drug-mule for the Siberian Axe. Problem was that 3 Fingers took one look at her and fell in love, that and some name calling from his accomplices led to 3 Fingers breaking his three colleagues’ necks. The beautiful woman rewarded him promptly with three bullets to the gut.
She never even introduced herself.

Lewis (3 Finger)Tarnasky

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