Gurn Blanstin (The Washout)

Washed out Paramilitary heavy weapons expert and medic


Height 6’5”, Weight 220

Active Skills
Skill Name RTG ATT
Firearms(G) 3 Agil
Heavy Weapons 5 Agil
Close Combat(G) 3 Agil
Ettiquette(Military) 4 Cha
Leadership 3 Cha
Dodge 5 Reac
First Aid 5 Logic
Medicine 2 Logic
Perception 2 Int
Pilot Motorcycle 4 Reac
Knowledge/Language Skills
Skill Name RTG ATT
Military Tactics 2 Logic
Military Procedure 3 Logic
Firearms 4 Logic
History of Guns & Ammo Magazine 3 Logic
English N
French 3 Logic
Gremlins 2 (Firearms)
Contact Name Type Loyalty Connection
Tweeter Fixer 3 3
Jennifer Tanaka Reporter 3 2
Bridgette Majeure Military Captain 5 5
Doc Holiday Street Doc 3 3
Impant Rating Essence Notes
Orthoskin 1 0.25 +1 Balistic/Impact
Muscle Toner 1 0.4 +1 Agil
Wired Reflexes 1 2 +1 Reac/Init Pass
Cyber Eyes 4 0.5
Cyber Ears 2 0.3

Gurn Blanstin was an Army boy through and through. He was raised for the army as a child. His farther was in the army. His grandfather, great grandfather, Uncle, brother … Any able bodied man in his family had gone on to serve in the Army (at least in a reserve capacity). So when it came his time to enlist he was waiting for the office to open, unfortunately the only combat group with active requests was the well respected Doc Wagon group (SANTUS PRIMORIS!).

His upbringing suited him well and he performed his duties flawlessly. Running the drills and following orders. In training he demonstrated a bit of a flair for wielding heavy weapons both in terms of accuracy and devastation. Machine guns, Grenade launchers, etc all came to him quite naturally. This got him noticed by his superiors who got him moved into training for their heavy weapons detachment. In family tradition Gurn was excelling and moving quickly to being a front line combat specialist, until his squad gunnery exam. Due a mild scheduling problem on the part of his sergeant he was late for the live fire exercise. The resulting inquest determined that the range equipment was faulty and the in the rush to complete assembly neither the range sergeant nor Gurn found that the selector switch was jammed into full auto (even though indicating safe). During equipment deployment the weapon was placed down roughly and discharged for 15s towards the range observation stands. The unfortunate event had blame apportioned evenly among the instruction cadre. Gurn’s subsequent re-test was uneventful and earned full marks.

With Gurn’s excellent marks in training he was posted to the high threat division (Nos mos iuguolo vos si vos intereo). With the extra paramedical training and the course in non-lethal weaponry Gurn was awarded his Specialist, Private First Class and deployed.

02h00 January 30, was Gurn’s first call. A Platinum member required extraction from a high risk secure area in the downtown core of Atlanta. The full team suited and boarded the VTOL for an expected high altitude insertion. At 02h33 the Combat-Paramedical (team lead) was in trid conference with base and arranging extraction details (customer in fibrilation with some serious blood toxicity) as well as planning assault requirements (reported active and unrelated firefight) when the trid saw the C-P’s head snap back and fall out of view followed soon after by the VTOL going out of control. The VTOL crash landed into a park owned by Aztechnology and the subscriber was tortured to death by his ex-wife. For a small fee the squad was repatriated. A corporate court was convened and found Gurn guilty of discharging a CF crowd control device several times into the cabin of the VTOL. One canister struck the C-P, causing severe maxilla-facial reconstruction, a subsequent canister struck the pilot in the helmet and the final canisters embedded into the fresh air intake system, causing all suited squaddies (eg everyone except the C-P) to be gassed.

Gurn was sentenced to immediate execution, however it was pointed out to the judge that they did not have that right. In that event, Gurn was stripped of rank, corporate citizenship and had his accounts seized. A hand written letters was also delivered to his family, corporate hear-say has an aunt having a cerebral hemorrhage but was not a subscriber.

Gurn Blanstin (The Washout)

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