James "Jimmy" Donnelly

There is always a good deal to be found, you just have to not care where it comes from.


Once upon a time James was an investment broker with the Diva Offshore Hedge (never ever doh). While mildly successful Jimmy was looking for his break. At home Jimmy was a caring husband and father of two with a nice home in suburbs. But he always felt he needed to give or get more for his family as they relied upon him.
A cold call answered his dream, a venture capital group based in Hong Kong had a desire to get into a new sector that James had clients in. The VC group was well funded and lavished attention on Jimmy and Diva. James worked hard to provide the Hong Kong Group (actually their name but they often called themselves a triangle instead of a group) with information about a handful of up and coming companies.

Disaster took less than a week.
Monday morning. 50% of the target companies were financial wrecks, private information destroyed their value, private information known to Diva. Another 25% found their non disclosed intellectual property patented by other companies overnight or published. And the last few were either shuttered or brought into private hands.
By Wednesday the Corporate Court had vectored in on Diva as the leak of all this private information.
Thursday had Diva looking at Jimmy and the Hong Kong Group.
James was fired on Friday.
On Monday the personal lawsuit was launched.
On Tuesday, it turned out James’ 50M nuyen insurance had been canceled. Without personal liability insurance all his assets were seized.
Wednesday 0h01; James was homeless and destitute. Only made better at 10h00 when his parents were declared his ward and then stripped of assets.
Time gets fuzzy here as Jimmy’s relationship with reality is seriously damaged.

In a whirlwind, James is tried for embezzlement, contract breach, failure of fiduciary responsibility, wire fraud, tax evasion and loitering. He is divorced without contest and sees his parent incarcerated for debt and his dog refuses to get near him. But is so clearly insane at this time is found not guilty due to insanity and put in an asylum.

Time passes and James undergoes many series of invasive drug/shock induced rehabilitation regimes until he is judged fit for the world and sent out to meet the world. On the plus side he can see a therapist 3 times, on the down side… well it is all down side.

James "Jimmy" Donnelly

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