Terrance (Tweeter) O'Rielly


Tweeter was boyscout for s/he went to Vietnam, and found out the hard was no body gives a damn.

True, Tweeter was in a combat mission through Vietnam, Laos or whatever those countries were that week. Also, true Tweeter had to drag his malaria and bullet riddled body hundreds of kilometers to safety after his group was slaughtered. Also true that he would crawl through villages that would pretend he did not exist.

Now Tweeter lives the Glam life in Vancouver. He rocks out in a gown most nights and at 250lbs, no one will ever tell him that sequins just don’t work for him, nor that size 13 feet in silver stilettos look like duck feet with nails through the webs.

Most of the time one can find him dealing drugs with his best friend, the Monkey-Man in the Ivanhoe or a similar low end bar.


Terrance (Tweeter) O'Rielly

Tweeter and the Monkey Man Denis Denis