Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Welcome to the Shadows

A Quick Prologue

Tweeter and the Monkey Man have managed to ring up a certain amount of debt, to parties that do not accept no for an answer, and require some help to raise funds.
  • Monkey Man sees Louis on a bender and decides that 3 Fingers or no he would be very helpful.
  • Gurn is once again at the Legion and complaining about his lot in life. Tweeter (also a vet, natch) offers to get Gurn a proper job if he shows up at the Ivanhoe this evening.
  • In a spirit of generosity to the mildly deranged (hey he hangs with Monkey Man) Tweeter offers Jinny a ham sandwich and a job.

Meeting at the Ivanhoe

20h30 and a table fills at the Ivanhoe,


Denis Denis

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