Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Meet the maniacs

Meet the Maniacs

Gurn Blanstin (The Washout)
James “Jimmy” Donnelley (The Lost)
Lewis “3 Fingers” Tarnasky (The up and comer)

I believe introductions are in order

The characters are approached individually by Tweeter or the Monkey Man and told to meet at the Ivanhoe for 8:30pm tonight. He has some work that he feels they are well suited for.

Upon arrival, Tweeter facilitates introductions, made a bit difficult due to Monkey Man cutting rails.

Easy as delivering Pizza

Tweeter explains that all he needs is a parcel pickup. At 10:30pm tonight a Chrysler Samoan will pull into the parking lot of the Samosa Hut at Nanaimo & Hastings. The parcel is in the truck. Monkey man interjects that the parcel is “packed with cocaine”. They are told to pick the parcel and deliver it to the Lion’s Den. Tweeter and Monkey Man will be preparing the sale. When asked if the current owners of the cocaine would be expecting to deliver it to the crew they are informed “Not so much”.

Around this time an alarm beeps on Jimmy’s wrist and he pops a pill. He informs the group that it is his anti-psychotic medication and his prescription demands it. Monkey man writes him a prescription for something. When asked to provide credentials he produces a business card showing him as a general practitioner.

Monkey Man asks Jimmy about his armament as he notices a distinct lack of weaponry. He produces a folding bow and shows Monkey Man. Monkey Man wishes to know if Jimmy is aware of what year it is as bows are quite passe.

At this point a large Troll biker of from the Siberian Axe comes over and drops his axe through the table. He is curious as to what Jimmy was doing pointong a bow at him and his Honey. Thinking quickly Jimmy throws his voice and indicated to the Axe that the large fellow in the corner is insulting the biker fellows regular enjoyment of underage livestock. The Troll thanks him for the information and proceeds to have a sharp, pointy and brutal conversation with the fellow, and his general vicinity.

It’s not a drive, it’s an adventure

3 Fingers and Jimmy drive to the Samosa hut in 3 Fingers vehicle. Calling it a car would be an overstatement as it is merely a loose collection of semi-mechanical parts with 4 wheels on the bottom, held together by god-knows-what (rust, blood?, will-of-the-gods, etc)

Jimmy is appalled to discover that the most electrically active component of the vehicle he has chosen to risk his life in, is the battery. The fuel economy is something that is rating in litres (of oil) as it blazes a trail of thick, horrible smoke and fumes along Kingsway. Thankfully they are not pulled over for any speeding tickets as the vehicles hits top speed at just over 40.

Gurn elects to take his Motorcycle, being sure to stay well upwind of the moving health hazard. At one point he slows down to point out to the occupants that the vehicle is actually on fire. 3 Fingers exclaims that it’s fine unless if the flames don’t catch them.

The delivery was COD, got $5?

They arrive at the Samosa hut a little after 9:30pm. There are a couple of individuals inside that 3 Fingers identifies as being from The Little Big Boys, an upstart gang. The group decides to go to the stuffer shack down the street and buys some Halloween masks, then they go to the Samosa hut for dinner. As they make their order they notice that the ganger’s are eyeing them up. 3 Fingers flexes his muscles and vocal cords. Gurn and 3 Fingers both tip the scales at being over 6’ tall and 200 to 260 lbs so the gang decides to move to the parking lot and vacate their table. The group sits down in the pre-warmed seats and enjoys their dinner.

At 10:30pm a Chrysler Samoan pulls into the parking lot. The gangers move to the trunk and a fellow gets out of the passenger side.

The group approaches. Gurn starts the action by letting a burst go from his sound suppressed SMG only to have the sound suppressor explosively disconnect in the process. 3 Fingers uses a sledge hammer to cause the driver to require dental reconstruction and Jimmy moves into the drivers seat. They then proceed to lower their masks.

3 Fingers and Gurn quickly work through the gangers (Gurn methodically firing into the crowd and Louis casually beating them). However the gangers begin to regroup, leveling a fierce blast into Gurn, until Jimmy neatly rams the Chrysler into the pack, leaving one locked in the trunk and rapping Gurn’s hand sending a bullet winging away into some nearby vehicle.

With the Little Big Boys generally handled, Jimmy burns off into the night hoping to make his escape.


Denis Denis

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