Tweeter and the Monkey Man

I Don't Remember Those Cans

At the end of the evening the drive home is interrupted by some police asking about their new ride (the Chrysler Samoan). Jimmy talks the officer down. After depositing people, he decides to dispose of the evidence using a gasoline. However the explosion and Jimmy are caught by an officer. The officer arrests Jimmy (well detains) as Jimmy’s SIN registers as insane. [[:Dr. LaDouceur]] is summoned at 03h00. Jimmy gets a serious talking to and eventually is convinced to cough upa work site visit.

Hurriedly, Jimmy convinces Tweeter to be his boss.
Tweeter, Dr. LaDouceur and Jimmy meet at a Starbucks where a suit clad Terrance explains Jimmy’s role as a courier and gives james a package to deliver.

Flushed with success, James drops off the package at Rasputin, where a volume of very scary men in suits are having breakfast. Amongst these was Ivan.

Earlier that day Louis had run into Ivan as well. At the Y (MCA), Ivan was found torturing a treadmill as he ‘vorked on his aerobics’. But that was a cover, he was really delivering a present to Louis, a rather nice hand made war hammer. With the comment that “sledge hammer is only for casual work, when in big leagues one must use better equipment”.

Gurn has arranged for a ‘date’, well really he needed to hook up with some firepower so he offered to take Captain Bridgette Majeure for dinner at Hy’s Steak House.
While going over business that slight elf knocked back a 52oz. Steak with trimmings beer and whiskey chasers. But in return for a pair of Colt SMGs Gurn was asked to use a rocket on the incoming deputy consul.
Gurn accepts hungrily. And quickly shoots a lead to his friend Jennifer Tanaka.

Gurn coerces 3Fingers to drive and with little ado blows up the new deputy consul’s limo with news coverage (and incidental terrorist rant provided by Jimmy… who did not volunteer)

That evening the group relaxes at the Ivanhoe. Of note, Jimmy is mocked by a member of the Siberian Axe who plants a beeper in in Jimmy’s tea saucer. In the end causing Jimmy to overdose on his anti-psychotics. During this time Louis has been drifting and fitting in with the Siberian Axe (eg. drinking way too much)

The next morning Louis wakes up next to a strange, voluptuous and most importantly, naked woman. with no idea how he got there.


Denis Denis

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