Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Blasts from their pasts

J gets home, very late William calls, says someone there to see him, “ricky” says entire staff will wait for him j show up, som japanese fellows waiting guy waiting is the one who originally fleeced Js investment status J shown fottage of gambling establishment with someone shooting arrows at “his associates” says may have work for him give him small puppy as compensation, pure bred Bisthon

L hangs out at party for a while surpriing small amount of alchohol and drugs are actually consumed leif advs him to go to gym and get teeth imprints takes cab home see’s his old gang hanging around his area, they don’t recognize him wakes up next day, alchohol on burn was a bad idea

gurn going for stroll see’s doc wagon copter fly over, tries to look unobtrusive ambulance comes down street gets shot behind ear by tranc dart wakes up naked in a chair with a wicker base old Leutenant standing before him, massive facial reconstruction and ceramics were needed entire squad has been assigned to vancouver due to death of subscriber no one important here, so lots of spare time they leave someone walks in, gurn recognizes as fellow who tried to buy drugs that shouldn’t have undercover cop asks gurn if ever seen movie “Quantum of Solace” gurn not into classics chair tipped and thick elastic bands produced, bottom of chair cut out cop explains how he will soon be asked to meet Ivans boss, Bill cop explains that when that happens, he will call cop who will give him equipment then leaves takes gurn 1.5 horus to free himself

group meets up for lunch everyone mention how they met old “friends” last night brigitte calls gurn asks if him and firends can go to lunch they go, intriduces a Mr. Johnson and leaves apparently Mr.Johnson has id’d the group responsible for recent UCAS assasination close to YVR summit meeting will soon be held in vancouver with the Tir and leader of their Ghost Wing squad 60k to kill him or provide near death experience gurn gives bridgette lisc plate and street details for J gurn calls Jennifer, gets media passes and itinerary

group decided too implicate L’s old gang in the attack J recruits 4 innocent youths into the “Maintreet Mafia’ gurn trains them to use pistols get them tattooed and geared. J gets some ceramic pistols and bullets


Denis abuckley

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