Tweeter and the Monkey Man

A Night at the Lion's Den

You want me to what off a what?

Characters go to Lion’s Den (just off the river near Renfrew)
* Stray Bullet punched a hole in Gurn’s fuel tank. * Gurn Offers last Rites to motorcycle before putting it down At Lion’s Den they see the lights off and the staff watching as Tweeter seems to be begging and pleading with the owner to open up.
Character’s roll up and a brief talk with Monkey Man ensues
* MM asks if they have the stuff * Yes and a bonus there is a Little Big Boy in the trunk * Right… you pointing to Jimmy go help Tweeter sort out Mr. Wong, you guys deal with the trunk James goes to try and sort out what is happening with Tweeter.
* Mr. Wong has been told that ‘they’ will kill him if he opens up * Jimmy tries reasoning… doesn’t work * Jimmy tries working around the problem. Around this time 3Fingers and Gurn open the trunk
* there is some flailing around * the gangers SMG decomposes * Louis smashes open some of the Coke causing a cloud. Mr. Wong sees the cloud of white powder from the back of the Samoan and a brief discussion occurs where he will open up while Jimmy and he snort coke off a hooker’s ass (said croupier is NOT happy)
While trying to escape the Little Big Boy gets clothes lined, Louis drags him down the street to a dumpster while Monke and Gurn move product into the club.
By the time 3Fingers is back the club is open and there are people starting to show. Inside the club (a converted warehouse) tables of poker, blackjack and paigow are starting up. Upstairs, Jimmy is negotiating with Mr. Wong over the bare-ass of one of the employees. They come to an agreement without blowing out a septum. Monkey Man sets up in the bathroom and Tweeter starts working the crowd, with the team expected to protect their investment. Ivan has shown up and is losing majestically at poker.
One interesting event is noticed by Louis and Gurn (Gurn is in the overlook office as he is nursing injuries from earlier). A guy is working Jimmy and he is giving all sorts of bad vibes. When confronted he drops a flash bang and makes a run.

The big excitement occurs when one of the bouncers somes through the door with his guts sliced open. A pair of well dressed Asian gentlemen, one of whom is porting an assault-rifle come in and demand to see Mr.Wong so they can kill him. The fellow with the rifle spots Ivan and demands to know why he is here (answer, I am here to win money).
The gun totter pounds bullets into the observation office (at Wong and Gurn) and all hell breaks loose. Gurn replies by emptying out his clip at the gun totter who barely grabs cover under a table. The other fellow flashes across the room towards the stairs while Louis attempts to intercept. The patrons panic, some stampeding out the door, a small group use the large poker table as cover and others running to the bathroom (and back door). And James pops the gun totter with an explosive arrow, starting a fire and seriously wounding him.
Louis goes to smash the samurai with his hammer to find his sledge cut out under him. While the samurai follows up with a vicious slash that floors 3Fingers, Gurn finishes off the rifleman with another hail of bullets. The samurai shrugs off and arrow from Jimmy and charges giving Jimmy a vicious slash.
Ivan stands up (he sat down patiently through the entire few seconds of panic) pulls out a Predator and decapitates the samurai, then walks out.

Monkey Man and Tweeter live up to their bargain and pay out the team with a handsome bonus for Jimmy (actually less than his investment). And they go off to lick their wounds.


Denis Denis

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