Welcome to Tweeter and the Monkey Man (redux)

Set in Vancouver of 2070, this campaign follows the adventures of some up and coming runners as they interact with the catalyst of a pair of drug dealers caller Tweeter and the Monkey-Man.

Character Creation
The players are asked to fill in as one of three roles and make it their home. The characters fill three archetypes that overlap in skill set:

  • The Up and Comer: This character has had nothing his entire life, to get to where he is he made hard choices and had to start running with kiddie gangs and more recently worked with a cadet branch of a major gang. But the ‘life’ doesn’t seem to be the right thing.
  • The Lost: He had everything, a family, a job (maybe 2.5 kids), a network of friends and house. But a devastating wave of accidents has left the character destitute, family has either disowned him or else died. Insurance didn’t cover anything… the only thing left to do is run in the shadows.
  • The Washout: This character has received formal training from a (para) military organization. And their first encounter was a disaster, something truly unfortunate happens and either formally or not the character is not welcome with their previous job and the went off to get a normal job. This sucks, it is time to redeem himself.

SR4 Rule Modification
  • This is a low magic campaign, while magic may or may not exist the vast majority of the world does not believe in magic and certainly has no experience with it.
  • Adepts are permitted on the basis that the SR4 magic concept can be bent to allow a character that is supremely, naturally gifted and appropriately trained.
  • Characters start with 400BPs, but character concept trumps all. With the set of given characters illegal equipment is unlikely nor any sort of military hardware.

Tweeter and the Monkey Man

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